Health facts about private hospitals

As most people would readily know there are loads of benefits that come with opting for a private hospital as when compared to NHS health facilities. Now more than ever many individuals with the financial means in the UK are increasingly turning to the private healthcare sector to address their health concerns.

As we speak the number of available beds in private medical institutions has exponentially increased and has even eclipsed that of public healthcare facilities. UK private hospitals are now in a position to offer approximately 11,200 beds for in-patient stays across the country. However, these healthcare facilities are also highly noted for the steep costs of accessing medical treatment.

This can usually be attributed to their utilizing specialized and cutting edge equipment and also to some extent, the low number of well trained and experienced healthcare professionals they employ to deal with their patients.

What are the regulations of the private healthcare sector in the UK?

The regulations of private medical facilities are for the most part not very different from the NHS. This is especially true when it comes to staffing, in fact quite a number of healthcare professionals often juggle their various duties in a private hospital as well as in public ones.

NHS employs

While a huge number of them have some degree of experience working in the NHS setting. When it comes to the training of their staff, most private healthcare facilities utilize the universally accepted criteria in vetting their employees just as the NHS does. Nevertheless, it is a widely acknowledged fact that the NHS employs more rigid guidelines due to the huge responsibility it has been invested with in safeguarding the welfare of patients.

Private health facilities usually have their own policies to protect the safety of their patients, which at most times can significantly vary from NHS regulations. As a rule all healthcare professionals in the UK are solely in charge of their training and competency accreditation although they are still answerable to the relevant regulatory bodies such as the GMC and NMC.

The private healthcare sector, like the NHS, is supervised by the Healthcare Commission- a national body that has the mandate to regulate and inspect all hospitals in the nation. In an effort to ensure that such establishments are in compliance with the minimum standards set by the Department of Health.

What are the benefits of choosing a private hospital?

Like earlier stated opting to get medical attention from a private hospital like Ballykelly private hospital,presents some conspicuous advantages over a public health facility. This includes a significantly shortened period to access effective treatment, an unmatched level of cleanliness and hygiene, and more to the point heightened privacy through private patient accommodations.

These medical establishments are also widely acclaimed for their VIP services, you will be taken care of by an extremely friendly staff in a very warm setting during your stay there. The private healthcare sector is also noted for its extremely flexible waiting times and even giving patients significant control and choice over the meals they take. You will also have access to private amenities such as a private bathroom, telephone and TV.

How to get a referral to a private hospital?

Essentially there are 3 ways to access treatment from a private hospital, which are referral from your GP, self-referral and private health insurance referral.

Referral from your GP

Should you be diagnosed with any kind of medical condition that necessitates specialized treatment or perhaps want to give the private healthcare a try, you can effortlessly make arrangements with your GP. Such a medical professional is out of necessity well-entrenched with the top private healthcare specialists and the hospitals they ply their trade in the area you might be living. This ensures that they can make excellent referrals to the best physician that can deal with your distinct condition.


This happens to be a very popular alternative for many individuals that might wish to access cosmetic procedures. There are numerous helplines that you can use to get pertinent information on any private hospital you might have set your eyes on. As well as plenty of online resources that can come in handy in such endeavours.

Private health insurance referral

Should you possess a private health insurance policy consulting with your provider can be one of the most beneficial and quickest means to access private healthcare treatment. Such an insurance firm will take it upon themselves to get excellent referrals from their extensive network of private hospitals and physicians in a very time-efficient manner.